Sunday, November 02, 2008

After a while

This is my post after a long hiatus. Am still with Sun and hot. Did clear the Sun Certified Solaris 10 Administrator during this period. Saw the market fluctuations and how companies try to deal with it. Took up more responsibilities. Saw lot of friends move to different parts of the world, join the rat race, try to perform and loose touch with themselves.

Am no different in this aspect, the last few months saw me also a lot busy, not taking time to touch another person's life. Trying to solve one challenge after another without thinking about anything or anybody. I suppose it'll continue till you reach a point after which you turn back to see how you have spent your years in the world and reflect how you could've used that time better, what would've been a better investment and such. Guess the aim of everyone should be to make sure that you don't get to regret much at that point in time.

~Sujith Emmanuel

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sun Cert Solaris Administration part 1

So at last i got time to write the Solaris Admin first exam. Had been thinking about writing both the exams for the past one year now. Due to some reason, couldn't get myself to write it. Now that the vouchers are getting expired at the end of this month, it leaves me with no time. Planning on writing the second exam sometime this week.

As for the first exam, its pretty easy to crack if you have some Solaris 10 experience. There were a total of 60 questions and the pass percentage was 60%. Before the actual exam questions, there was a survey about how good you are on different facets of Solaris OS. Have a feeling that the questions you face could be randomised according to the choices you make in the survey questions. I could be wrong though.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Test blog entry from Live Writer

Testing a new client for writing blogs. Till now it was either direct editing or through Scribefire.

Lets see how this works out.


~Sujith Emmanuel